Rapid Care Vehicle Servicing Christchurch

rapid care vehicle servicingEvery car needs proper maintenance to ensure it works as efficiently as possible and enjoys a long life.

Regular rapid car servicing is vital to the continued health of your car. Rapid care car servicing can save you money in the long run as many car issues can be diagnosed early and repaired before they become expensive problems.

With rapid care servicing we use top quality products to ensure you don’t have any issues with your vehicle between servicing. We can service any vehicle whether it be petrol or diesel with our menu board servicing we will have you covered.


  1. Change engine oil
  2. Change engine oil filter
  3. Check / Fill brake fluid
  4. Check brake fluid condition
  5. Check / fill / test clutch fluid level
  6. Check / fill / test coolant/radiator fluid level
  7. Visual check of radiator cap
  8. Visual check of cooling system hoses
  9. Check / Fill power steering fluid
  10. Check / Fill battery fluid level
  11. Test battery condition
  12. Check / Fill windscreen washer fluid
  13. Visual check air filter
  14. Check / Adjust gearbox / transmission fluid level
  15. Check / Adjust diff / transaxle fluid level
  16. Check / Adjust tyre pressure and condition
  17. Polish tyres
  18. Check / Clean windscreen
  19. Check / Test side / indicator / brake / number plate / reverse lights
  20. Check / Adjust headlights
  21. Visual Inspection exhaust system
  22. Visual Inspection steering rack / CV boot
  23. Lubricate door hinges


All items included with a Regular Service, plus

  1. Deodorise interior
  2. Vacuum interior
  3. Visual Check fan / vee belt
  4. Age check fuel filter
  5. Visual Check spark plugs
  6. Visual search for replacement date cam belt
  7. Check / Measure tyre condition


All items included with a Regular and Super Service, plus

  1. Check charging system output
  2. Replace up to 3 standard wiper blades
  3. Complete diagnostic scan for engine faults
  4. Road test up to 50km/hr
  5. Check cabin filter (where applicable and accessible)
  6. Check seat belts
  7. Check operation of air-conditioning
  8. Test window washer system operation